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A Resources Management Enterprise

Create • Manage • Develop

We create wealth and opportunities from within and from without.

We incubate products and projects and aim to develop sustainable increase in the standard of living for all those who desire to join us in this journey.

We believe our people are the most valuable resource and the bedrock of our operation.

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Chairman’s Message
The company was founded based on three main objectives important to the Filipino people. Quality, availability and affordability. As a Resource Management Company we strive to live up to these objectives in all our activities.

We originally started our business by supporting the Filipino people with affordable medicine and food supplements of high quality, locally produced or imported from Europe and other parts of Asia, whereas today we are constantly expanding this portfolio with new innovative products.

Today, we also provide our expertise to foreign companies with affordable and high-quality products who have wishes to establish themselves in the Philippines and want to use our platform for product registration, office spacing or general partnership.

Why limit ourselves to medicine, food supplements, raw materials and beverages when it comes to supplying the Filipino people with affordable, high quality products. In the future we will continue to search for more ways to expand in other areas as long as we see that new potential projects can live up to our three objectives: Quality, availability and affordability.

Deputy General Manager

“Opportunity in Chaos”.
The current pandemic effects are just being felt worldwide and billions have been affected.
ZRI is a company offering a platform of resilience and growth. We offer products and services to aid would be entrepreneurs in growing in this era of uncertainty.

ZRI provides the marketing, operational and financial expertise to enable partners to create fruitful alliances, joint ventures and consortia to grow resources, With combined expertise from healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, marketing, material sourcing, importation, market research, network marketing and general management, partners can expect that their resources are poised for growth. 

ZRI recently launched JEWEL-CEE and JEWEL-ZEE for Health Allegiance Resources Inc a potent Vitamin C and Zinc supplement that combines scientifically proven immunity boosters specifically for pulmonary viruses.
We recently accepted the incubation of two networking companies, namely Vestige LTD of India and Health and Beauty Republic (HBR), involved in the Nutraceutical and Health & Beauty segments.
Lately, ZRI has signed a joint venture agreement with Remberland Realty and Development Corp to develop properties for middle to high-end quality townhouses in the South of Manila.
We continuously learn, adapt and improve to ensure our partners benefit from our Vision of “Delivering Success for All”.

Join us in this beautiful journey!  
Thank you.

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Raw Materials

Importation & Registration

Food & Beverage

Real Estate

Property Management

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