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Zeus Resources Inc. prides itself in its multitude of products and services. We are the lead company that undertakes the regulatory, human resource management, trading, distribution and many other business activities. We consist of a passionate team with a toolbox full of assets and skills, and know no limitations in the strive for success.


A large part of Zeus Resources has to do with pharmaceuticals. It was where we started, and what we have achieved great success with in our partnership with Compact Pharmaceuticals, Corp.

Compact Pharmaceuticals, Corp.
A large part of Zeus Resources has to do with pharmaceuticals. It was where we started, and what we have achieved great success with in our partnership with Compact Pharmaceuticals, Corp. of The Philippines. Through Compact Pharmaceuticals, Corp., we manufacture and distribute a number of products, aimed at helping and supplying Filipinos with affordable and quality products to sustain and improve health. The products include:
– Paracetamol (Pain reliever and fever reducer)
– Jewel-Cee (sodium ascorbate capsules – Vitamin C)
– Hydenex (Sildenafil citrate for erectile dysfunction)
– Glutamilk (Equimilk for beautiful and healthy skin)
– Eravit (Multivitamin softgel capsules)
– Hemafer & Hemafer F (Prevention and treatment of iron and folic acid deficiencies)

Bifodan A/S
Based in Hundested, Denmark, Bifodan is a life science company specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing unique probiotic product solutions as private label dietary supplements, medical devices and OTC drugs. The first product in our arsenal from Bifodan is Ecovag, a revolutionary female vaginal suppository diet, with friendly bacteria produce lactic acid and stabilize the vaginal pH to normal levels and enhance the natural defence mechanisms against vaginal infections and discomfort.

Raw Materials

Zeus Resources Inc. is a large importer of raw materials, primarily within the pharmaceutical industry. We do not limit ourselves and welcome all opportunities, however our expertise lies within medical raw materials. We have the capability to import, test and provide validity to raw materials from abroad of high quality and low pricing.

Importation & Registration

Zeus Resources, in cooperation with Compact Pharmaceuticals, Corp, a successful importation- and registration service for foreign companies wishing to import to The Philippines or to register products in our market. Our door is always open, even just for exploratory chats – Don’t hesitate reaching out!

Food & Beverages

Korean giants Polypharma Corporation ‘OKF’ is a world leader in premium beverage manufacturing, which has produced approximately 750 types of drinks. Zeus Resources are the exclusive importer and distributor of delicious drink Red Ginseng UP, a ginseng based non-carbonated health drink with energy benefactors. With no added caffeine or sugars, it is a unique drink that is safe to drink on a daily basis.
Red Ginseng UP is just the first of a line of products going to be distributed by Zeus Resources in The Philippines.

Real Estate

AERO Residences
Zeus Resources has partnered up with Remberland to construct a beautiful community in the city of Legazpi. With 27 units under construction, the site is estimated to be completed by June 2020. In this community, there will be 23 affordable town houses and just 4 of luxurious and private housing. With the beautiful Pacific Ocean on one side, and the Legazpi Volcano ‘Mt. Mayon’ on the other, these residences will be complete with a brand new road system, state of the art underground electrical and water supply.

Property Management

We are very proud to be Filipino’s, and have in recent times discovered a lot of economic and social growth in our nation. This has also led to an increase in tourism and of financial travels. In this regard, we have spotted a high demand in accommodation, especially in our capital, Manila. We now manage several apartment units and ‘condotels’. We strive to be the best and supply the best to all of our guests. Whether this be in regard to some of our other business units, or to someone just wanting to have a pleasant stay. We continue to add to our portfolio of beautiful homes.

Business Management

History of Zeus

  • 2008

    Zeus Resources Inc. was founded by Sir Lars Selmer Krogh and Sir Jose “JV” Valerio Calleja and became SEC registered.

  • 2009

    Acquired Compact Pharmaceuticals, Corp.

  • 2013

    Diversify to other ventures beside the pharmaceutical industry.

  • 2018

    Expanded business portfolio to include real estate, as the construction of a housing project in collaboration with Remberland in Legazpi City initiated.

  • 2019

    Move office space from Makati to Ortigas business district.
    Current address in AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, Ortigas Center, Pasig.